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MPH works with customers in a variety of industries; however, we have one of the most diverse service offerings in the U.S. food packaging industry.

 Because we offer extremely competitive lead-times, we continue to be sought after by some of the country’s most well-known food brands. 

We’ve even been named Best in Class for Co-Packaging by one of the world’s largest food producers.  

Our 2018 forecast for cases produced is at least 4.6 million, and we anticipate production could top 7 million by 2019.

Licensing and Certifications

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For more than fifty years, MPH has helped companies advance the processing and distribution of their products. Whether it’s through packaging/logistics or trucking/transportation, our fourth-generation family-owned business prides itself in having the technology, the expertise and the flexibility to be a valued partner to customers of all sizes, in all types of industries.

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